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Re: [IP] Quick Set infusion set when??

We tried the Dis Ultraflex and not only is it very difficult and awkward to 
handle because there is nothing to hold on to when trying to insert, but Dis 
feels that the shorter, 6 mm canula is no good and therefore they won't make 
that smaller canula size (Actually my area rep told me this just a few months 
ago.  I condsidered the source and left it alone!)  But we did try this set a 
few times.  Like I said it is awkward at best AND the 9mm canula, their 
smallest, just pops right out of Josh,w ho is only 9.5+ and VERY skinny.  It 
did work in his hiney with good BG results but forget the tummy!  But I do 
like the disconnect.  Also the Dis adhesive doesn't seem to hold up as well 
as the MM adhesive does.  And by the way, we pump with a Dis H-Tron so this 
is NOT bashing, just our own personal results!

mom to Josh
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