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[IP] Thank you to Sylvia/readings/pump brands

This is the first time I have officially posted, so I
hope I am doing this right.

First - Thank you to Sylvia (Josh's mom).  The e-mail
you sent me was so helpful.  I talked with a wonderful
lady at Animas today that couldn't do enough for me. 
She patiently answered all my questions and gave me
some valuable tips and information.   I also ordered
"the book" on insulin pumping, so can't wait to get

I've noticed a person on the list said she had high
readings after one of her co-workers died.  I've had a
terrible day today.  Counted my carbs and didn't eat
many and took about 1-1/2 times my usual insulin and
still all of my readings were more than 250.  I just
don't know what is wrong with me.  I hope when I
finally get a pump it will help.  The lady from Animas
said I may have a condition called gastroparesis. 
Don't know, but will ask the Doc next time I see him.

Sylvia recommended an Animas pump.  I sent for
literature from several places.  What do some of you
on the list think -- which pump is best and why. 
Would love to have more input from people who have
tried a couple of brands. 

Pat (pumpless!)

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