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[IP] Airport Security

This guy has a web site that is all about metal
detectors. I asked him about airport
security metal detectors, and this is his


  I know many people with insulin pumps.  They are
not affected by airport
security metal detectors.  The detectors do not
use magnetic fields.  They
use different frequency radio waves.  The power of
these transmissions are
very low power.  If I can be of any other help, be
sure to ask.



-------- Original Message --------
From: Jesse Atencio <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: Detector Page
To: Sue Kinzelman <email @ redacted>

>I'm doing some research on how metal detectors
>work in airport security systems.
>My main question is, I use an insulin pump and I'm
>trying to find out if the
>metal detector would have any adverse affects on
>my insulin pump.
>DO you know if the airport security detectors are
>the same as the detectors you use?
>And do you know if they send out a magnetic
>something or other that would harm the electronics
>my insulin pump?
>Or do you know where I could find out about this?
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