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Re: [IP] RE: quick set and Ultraflex

> Are you saying that this product-Ultraflex is like the quick set?  I
> wonder if anyone has spots from this infusion set.
> Roni Pagano
> The Ultraflex from Disetronic has a similar footprint. I've examined
> both of them and the real difference I see is the method of
> connecting the set to the infusion line and the fact that there is
> no auto-insertion device for the Ultraflex. Other than that they
> appear very similar. If not talked to anyone that has used both of
> them so can offer no insight in that department.

The physical outline on the skin is similar between the Ultraflex and 
the Quickset. The Ultraflex has a disconnect like the 
Tender/Silohuette/Comfort set.

The SofSet/QuickSet/Ultraflex/Rapid  -- are all similar in that they 
go straight in and are available in various lengths 6mm, 9mm or 
similar. The Rapid is a steel needle but similar in appearance 
to the SofSet. There are pictures of all these products on the 
Minimed and Disetronic web sites / respectively / under the Products 
- Infusion Sets categories.

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