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RE: [IP] airport security - x-ray precautions

As for the pump, I leave it on and don't disconnect.  Out of the 200 odd
times I have gone through a detector at airports since getting my pump in
Dec. 1999 (yes I travel a lot for work), I have only been stopped three
times.  Twice in Savannah, GA by the same gate person two years in a row who
asked if it was an insulin pump and how much I liked it.  :)  The other time
was at Newark airport and they wand checked it.

I usually carry my manual in my carry-on in case there are any questions.
Many airports are now familiar with pumps and will just wand check you.  It
is very rare that they will have you disconnect from it and put it through
the scanner.

But again, neither will hurt the pump (or at least neither have hurt mine).
If it is a real concern, call the customer hotline number on both your meter
and your pump to see what the manufacturers recommendation on it is.

-- Sherry
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