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Re: [IP] Bloodshot eye

> The school called at 11:30 this morning saying that Johnny was
> running low (66 at 11:20am- they gave him a glucose tablet, which
> for him will normally bring him up 20 points), had a headache and
> his eye was somewhat red and hurt.

You might want to talk to your doc about this, our regimen is to 
always take enough glucose to bring bg's up to 125-150 from whatever 
the low reading is. The theory being that whatever is causing the low 
is not going away instantly. The lower the reading, the higher the 
target. Lily will check again in 20-30 minutes and repeat the 
procedure until her bg's are consistently above 100. Usually Lily's 
bg's end up below 100 the first try, but not always. Can't comment on 
the headache.
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