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Re: [IP] Bloodshot eye

What you are describing sounds like a vascular response to irritation.  If 
the eye gets rubbed or gets something in it, the small blodd vessels you see 
open up wider to allow more blood to get to the spot to get rid of whatever 
is there.  A broken bloodvessel on the outside tends to leave a large bruise 
(big red spot) over the white spot that takes some time to resolve.  If it 
were internal, you would not see it at all.

Ask Johnny if he remembers rubbing it.  Although with a low BS happening, 
remembering it is not likely.  Do you rembmber seeing him rub his face with 
previous lows?

As with any eye symptoms:  any vision changes, flashes of light, floaters or 
pain - call your ophthalmologist.

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