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[IP] Re: I beg to differ....

In a message dated 10/8/2001 Andrew Aronoff <email @ redacted>

> Here's the study's final paragraph:
> "Although clinical outcomes [between CSII and MDI] were similar in this 
> controlled trial, individual patients may benefit significantly from CSII 
> because of the increased flexibility in timing of meals and the increased 
> options for basal insulin replacement. This may also apply to patients who 
> have high rates of severe hypoglycemia. It is important for all patients 
> with type 1 diabetes to have the option to select the therapy that is most 
> suitable for them."
> IMHO, that's a conclusion IP members can support.
> regards, Andy

Thanks for sharing that info with the group....I've relaxed a bit after 
reading your input. My biggest fear after reading the origianl blurb was 
having a precedent set wherein doctors and insurance providers would not see 
the value of pumping. My 16 y/o would definitely hate to go back to MDI, as 
would I.

Linda V
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