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[IP] Bloodshot eye

The school called at 11:30 this morning saying that Johnny was running low
(66 at 11:20am- they gave him a glucose tablet, which for him will normally
bring him up 20 points), had a headache and his eye was somewhat red and
    I picked him up and took his blood when we got home. By now it was 12:00
noon. His reading was 50.  He took a glucose tablet, bolused his normal
amount for lunch and ate lunch. It is now two hours after and his reading is
125.  His headache is gone and his eye has stopped hurting.
   The question I have for all of you is, have you ever gotten a bloodshot
eye from having a low?  He's had a bloodshot eye a couple times before, but
I don't remember if he was low at those times.  It always seems to be his
left eye.
   It only lasts about a day and goes away.
   I don't know if you would really call it bloodshot, but it has little
spider like red lines going from the dark part of the eye to the left
temple.  Not even the whole eye, just the one side.
   Just wondering if it has anything to do with low blood sugar or if it's
happened to anyone else.
Dianne, Mom to Johnny 9
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