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Re: [IP] Re: airport security

I agree Pat.  There is no problem with the meters or even pumps being 
x-rayed.  I just returned from an airline trip, and had my pump on 
and a meter in my pocket, but neither set off the bells.  On the 
outgoing leg, I had a metal pen and when it triggered the bell, then 
then did a body scan.  The meter (Ultra) didn't register but the pump 
did, and I just said it wasn't a pager and opened it and showed the 
syringe.  No problem.  But I always carry an extra meter and this 
routinely goes through the x-ray.  It's just electronics that is 
can't be hurt by the level of x-ray.  They now require all laptops to 
be x-rayed, and if the x-ray damaged electronics or memory in hard 
drives,  the outcry would be a lot louder than what we diabetics can 
make :-)

>I sent my carry-on stuff through the X-ray machine and no one questioned
>it, to my great surprise.  I had the usual difficulty in not sending my
>test kit through the machine--they told me to send it through, I told them
>I couldn't, turned it on, and told them what it was--but that was about it.

	I have never been concerned with sending my meter through the X-Ray
Machine. Have you any particularly bad experiences, or warnings about it?
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