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[IP] why disetronic?

Greetings from a fellow pumper who noticed an old message of yours via the
IP emails to members.  Like yourself, I'm a relatively young adult who's
pumping these days.  I have a question though from your original posting.
In it, you said you switched from Minimed to Disetronic after 2-3 years.
Why did you do this?  Was it a matter of pump performance?  Personal
preference?  Fed up with something the Minimed folks may have done if their
shipments?  I'm puzzled, since I began pumping in May 2001 using the Minimed
508 and have generally had no major complaints.  I'm wondering what may have
turned a pumper against Minimed, or toward a pump of a different sort
Just wondering,
Roger Connolly (pumping in Chicago)

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