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[IP] computerized log book

At 06:28 PM 10/6/01, you wrote:
>If anybody could help me, I sure would appreciate it,
I have just 
>pumping (about 2 weeks) and I love it but how do I
keep up with all 
the data
>you have to keep, I record BG, CARB, Meal Bolus,
correction bolus, 
time of
>day, and graph it all and the Fax it all to my doctor
once a week.. 
>If anyone knows of a program that does all this, or
if somebody has 
designed a
>spreadsheet to track all this, that would be great.
>I also have a Visor PDA, but I can't find anything
that is suitable 
>Carl Frazer

I have been using software that I downloaded from the
Glucometer Elite website.  I like it a lot.  If you
use a Glucometer, and if you buy the connector, you
can upload your meter to it.  But even if you don't,
you can enter Insulin doses, BG numbers, and 'events'.
 It then charts them in three different formats, and
also prints out in log book format.
check it out on 
Linda Bork
pumping 6 years

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