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[IP] BS 52 10:30 pm treated with OJ reply

Kay wrote:

Usually now when she is low it's because she over-bolused
or exercised more than usual. It happens very rarely. It seems to me all we
need is a fast sugar (usually Capri Sun these days). Once she is up, the
humalog from her basal rate will keep her level. We don't need the fat or
protein to slow the absorption of the glucose.

Does this make sense to anyone else? It seems to work for us, anyway.

It makes sense to me Kay. I feel the same way as you. when i get low now i 
can take a few glucose tablets and be fine. I don't need to eat crackers with 
cheese or anything else. I was always feeding lows before the pump. Now i 
have lost those few pounds just by being able to have glucose tablets instead 
of the fat and protein to keep up the blood sugar. another great reason to be 
on the pump! take care Eileen
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