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[IP] site degredation

I have reached another problem - my lower right
stomach (below the belly button) seems to have lost
the ability to absorb insulin, I have tried my hip but
I think I ended up sleeping on it and it didn't work
either. So I am left with my upper belly and left
lower belly.  Any other places - if you use your back
middle has anyone seen it affected by sleeping on your
back - another option may be to consider novolog
versus humalog - as I have had site failures other
places but consistently in the lower right.  Any info
on novolog and pregnancy - we are thinking about
trying for a second soon and I really need to get the
site thing under control because the high numbers are
really high and bad for baby - i get afraid that I
will have to go off the pump if my body continues to
fall apart as far as absorption!  Well that is my
whine for the day!  

Normal blood sugars to all and to all a good day! 


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