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[IP] IPers helps fight Cancer

Hello Everyone

  I am just writing to let everyone know where the Insulin Pumpers Team 
stands on the United Devices "THINK" program for cancer research.

Here's our current Stats:

Out of 18,892 teams on the research project we are at:

# 353 for total Members
# 384  (slipping from 324) for total results returned
# 351  for total points returned (currently at 808,517 points)
# 276 for total CPU time (currently at 10 years, 71 days, 3 hours, 21 
Minutes, and 42 seconds)


For those of you that are new to the this or have not seen one of the 
messages on the Cancer research program here is a little info on the 
program and its potential future.

The "THINK" program is sponsored by Intel, Oxford, United Devices as well 
as several others. THINK is a drug discovery software program. The program 
appraises each of hundreds of millions of molecules to see if they are 
likely to interact with a target protein. THINK calculates and studies the 
many possible shapes, or conformers, the molecule might adopt interacting 
with the protein. This process is called virtual screening of the molecules.

While companies in the past have used super computers to do these 
calculations there is no super computer in the world today that can match 
the power and speed that has been accomplished by using a network of home 
computers and that is where we all come in.

Participants in the Intel-United Devices Cancer Research Project are sent a 
unit of molecules over the Internet. Their PC will analyze the molecules 
using drug-design software called THINK. The THINK software analyzes the 
molecular data by creating a three-dimensional model and changing its shape 
(or conformation) to attempt to dock it into a protein site. When a 
conformation docks successfully and triggers an interaction with the 
protein, it registers as a "hit". These hits are what this research hinges 
on. Any one hit may be the one that will ultimately lead to a cure. All 
hits are recorded, ranked as to strength, and filed for the next stage of 
the project.

  Here is a news clipping which has my hopes up for us:

The leukemia drug-optimization program is the first to be offered by Intel. 
Many more programs will be developed for research on diseases from 
Parkinson's to diabetes.

If you would like to Join the Insulin-Pumpers Team please go here:

http://www.geocities.com/tizwit/cancer.htm This site has some instructions 
on how to join our team as well as links to more info and our team site.

Here is a link directly to our team page.

http://members.ud.com/home.htm Here is a link directly to the main Page of 
the UD/ THINK site.

If you have any Questions please feel free to write to me privately please.

Brian Carter
ICQ # 27217438
http://members.home.net/fight-terror/  *NEW*
for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
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