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Re: [IP] Computer Software or Spreadsheet

At 06:28 PM 10/6/01, you wrote:
>If anybody could help me, I sure would appreciate it, I have just started
>pumping (about 2 weeks) and I love it but how do I keep up with all the data
>you have to keep, I record BG, CARB, Meal Bolus, correction bolus, time of
>day, and graph it all and the Fax it all to my doctor once a week.. Please
>If anyone knows of a program that does all this, or if somebody has designed a
>spreadsheet to track all this, that would be great.
>I also have a Visor PDA, but I can't find anything that is suitable for
>Carl Frazer
Carl, if you have Excel, I have one that is a daily sheet, with all the 
things you listed.  Please email me direct if you want it.

email @ redacted
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