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Re: [IP] Candy Corn (Halloween Candy)

In a message dated 10/5/01 1:59:54 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Okay, I love Candy Corn and bought a bag and the carb count says (when I cut 
> the serving in half, etc) that 13 pieces is about 17 carbs.  Okay, so 
> that's 
> my ratio 17:1...
> So I bolus for it, eat the 13 little corns and a couple hours later I'm 
> like 
> 270 or 280 when I start out normal. 
> This has happened three times now and it's depressing because I really love 
> those little candies!
> Anyone else experience this?

Well I haven't experienced this but here is my 3 cents worth (inflation ya 
know).  Since Candy Corn is pure sugar it is probably shooting you up faster 
than the insulin can work - you might try taking your insulin a bit BEFORE 
you eat the candy corn - experiement - 10 minutes, 15 etc - and maybe you can 
get the right combo - so you can enjoy your treat.

Linda & Dax
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