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[IP] brain swelling

From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Fast BG drop and brain swelling

    Seeing as I started some worry with a comment in a post last week, I
thought I would go back to the source of my information.  This is what I read
two years ago--I  keep good notes!! (sometimes).
    The source of this info is a RN, CDE who is also a list member here, but
may not be too active.  Info was in a chat room concerning sick days for kids
with diabetes:

"If the BG is brought down too quickly it causes a fluid shift and brain
swelling which can cause severe brain damage and even death.  BG should fall
at a rate of 100/hour to be safe"

- --"Is that true even if its a high bg without ketones?"--

"Yes--the brain uses sugar by osmosis from the spinal fluid.  If there is a
big shift in BG the spinal fluid can't catch up and sucks up more fluid going
to the brain"

So that is what I read and have always remembered.  Yesterday was Claire's
appointment with her Endo and so I asked the Endo about this.  She told me
not to worry about a fast dropping bg, that it wouldn't cause any problems
other than maybe feeling low from coming down so fast, when in fact you
wouldn't be low.

Hmmm.... which to believe.  Any others with info on this?

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7.
- ----------------------------------------------------------
the more rapid the descent of blood sugar the more probable you ar to feel
low, even when the bg is normal. Spinal fluid glucoise is not used by the
brain, it lacks a mechanism for absorption and transport of the glucose. The
spinal fluid glucose is sensed by chemoreceptors in certain areas of the brain
but I don't recall precicely what these areas do with the information. In
order to create cerebral edema, brain swelling, you have to rapidly decrease a
high glucose so that the osmotic pressure in the cells is suddenly reduced.
Generally this no longer happens these days. It usually occurs in kids more
frequently than adults. It may be the reason we get headaches after a low.
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