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[IP] Re: I beg to differ

I agree with the comments made by prior posters to this thread, especially 
about sample size from Jim.  To me, this report looks to be a big proponent 
of CSII, even though they didn't state that.  Did the writer of the report 
have some kind of bias?  Who funded it?  I guess insurance companies would 
have no interest in advocating MDI over pumping(g).  Although I'm no 
conspiracy advocate, was there some reason for the small sample size and 
the shortness of the test?  Assuming that both groups started at the same 
HbA1c levels (if they didn't the report would be worthless anyway), the 
pumpers achieved more than a 5% (7.73 vs 8.16) improvement over MDI, in 
only 9 months.  For me, I know that my readings improved as time went 
on.  I would postulate that after 5 years the MDI group still would be in 
the 7's and 8's and that the pumpers would continue improving to 6's and 
even 5's, which seems evident by most of the posts regarding their HbA1c's 
by those who switched from MDI..  Were there any MDI's who had worse 
HbAic's after switching to pumping?

Jack email @ redacted
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