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Re: [IP] Novolog - can you give me more info?

Michael wrote:

> Novolog was only released to distribution on the 18th of September,
> 2001. The people who have been using it for the most part either have
> samples from their docs or have been using it under the compasionate
> use program provided by Novo Nordisk. It has been availabel in the EU
> for a longer period of time under the name NovoRapid. No specific
> testing has been done on kids that I'm aware of. Those pumpers that
> have to mix H and V to get reasonable site life are beginning to
> switch to Novolog to see if it eliminates the site irritation
> problem. So far those few that have tried this have found Novolog to
> eliminate the site irritation problem and to actually be a bit more
> effective i.e. less insulin is required. There are now about a half
> dozen reports to the list about this, mostly kids or young people. I
> don't recall any reports from adults except for one gentleman in OZ
> that is allergic to H and finds that Novolog works well for him so
> far (since Aug 1). I believe one of the EU mail admins is also using
> NovoRapid, but I don't think he's commented on it.

Sorry for not posting earlier, Michael.  As a 53 yo, type 1 since 15, pumper
since 98, I've been on Novolog for about two months.  I was mixing H and V
because of site sensitivity to Humalog alone.  Even with the addition of
Velosulin I would find a point where the site would just become so degraded that
there was very limited response to boluses, sometimes 2-1/2 days, sometimes 2. 
Since switching to Novolog I have not experienced ANY site degradation or
sensitivity.  Even after 4 days, my response to Novolog would be the same as day
one.  My insulin usage has decreased due to this and so far my readings have
been very stable.  My last A1c was a 5.9, but that was after 3 weeks on
Novolog.  I am expecting another significant drop in my A1c and more
importantly, I feel so great with the Novolog.  I feel I have reached my
"Pumping Nirvana"!  :>)

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