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Re: [IP] I beg to differ....

Sorry folks, but I didn't get much further than the fact that the 'control; 
group was only 27 people.  This is NOT a legitimate study with that few 
number of peole in their control group.  Him, am I right that for it to be 
considered by the masses as a legitimate study there must be a 'substantial' 
number of study people in the group?  I can't believe these guys even got 
written up for their work.  Makes me wonder if it is a case of someone 
wanting their five minutes of fame or a pice of glory to see his name written 
up in print!!!

OK, sorry I hadn't gotten to all the responses yet and I see that Jim has 
already sent in his reply confirming what I had asked about size and length 
of study!!!

mom to Joshua
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