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Re: [IP] I beg to differ....

>Overall, the investigators "found no differences in outcome between the two
>[treatment] groups in terms of HbA1c levels, hypoglycemic events, or quality
>of life measured using the Diabetes Quality of Life questionnaire."

Depends on how specific the questionnaire was about true "Quality of 
Life".  I wouldn't give up pumping for anything because I found MY quality 
of life very limited on MDI.

>"The findings of our study indicate that the choice of the method of
>intensive insulin therapy should be a matter of personal preference," Dr.
>Zinman and colleagues conclude. "It is important for all patients with type 1
>diabetes to have the option to select the therapy that is most suitable for

I do agree with this though, pumping is not for everyone, some people are 
just not comfortable with it, and I agree that everyone needs to decide for 
him/herself what type of treatment they want.  I just hate, however when 
they do these studies suggesting that either way is just fine for everyone, 
because that leads doctors and insurance companies to think that the method 
of treatment doesn't matter.  To ME it does matter, pumping is definitely a 
big improvement over MDI in MY book!

PRL, pumping since 5/15/2000
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