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Re: [IP] I beg to differ....

Linda V <email @ redacted> wrote:

> This article I came across really yanked my chain! The statements made
> may be true for some individuals, but are not representative of the
> of this list. What do you think?

Another list member asked me about this privately.  I haven't read the
entire article, so I can't comment other than the most general.

First of all, the tenor of the article seemed to me to be saying that the
choice of insulin administration is to be based on other than just glycemic
control . . . something that we all really know.  Many of us were able to
achieve excellent control on MDI.

The other comment I have, and this is really more to the issue I was asked
about in my previous exchange, is the sample size.  Basically the sample
size is very small for this study.  I doubt there's enough statistical power
to detect anything but the most obvious differences between MDI and CSII.
Without having read the article, I'm sort of surprised that Diabetes Care
would take this article without a more rigorous methodology.

Jim Handsfield
email @ redacted

The opinions expressed are mine and do not necessarily represent those of my
wife who runs our house and makes more important decisions than I do.
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