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[IP] I beg to differ....

This article I came across really yanked my chain! The statements made below 
may be true for some individuals, but are not representative of the members 
of this list. What do you think?

Linda V

Route of Insulin Administration Does Not Affect Outcome in Diabetics 


WESTPORT, CT (Reuters Health) Oct 02 - There are no significant differences 
in glycemic control, reported hypoglycemic events, or quality of life between 
type 1 diabetic patients treated with continuous subcutaneous insulin 
infusion (CSII) and those treated with multiple daily insulin injection 
(MDI), according to a report in the October issue of Diabetes Care. 

Dr. Bernard Zinman, of Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, and colleagues 
conducted a randomized, controlled trial of 27 type 1 diabetic patients who 
received insulin lispro with a CSII (n = 13) or MDI (n = 14) regimen. 
Glycemic control (HbA1c level) and reported hypoglycemic events were measured 
monthly for 9 months. Quality of life was assessed at 9 months. 

Patients in the CSII group had a mean HbA1c at baseline of 7.73%, compared 
with 8.16% for patients in the MDI group. Both groups of patients had 
significant decreases in HbA1c levels at all time points, the team explains. 

Overall, the investigators "found no differences in outcome between the two 
[treatment] groups in terms of HbA1c levels, hypoglycemic events, or quality 
of life measured using the Diabetes Quality of Life questionnaire." 

"The findings of our study indicate that the choice of the method of 
intensive insulin therapy should be a matter of personal preference," Dr. 
Zinman and colleagues conclude. "It is important for all patients with type 1 
diabetes to have the option to select the therapy that is most suitable for 

Diabetes Care 2001;24:1722-1727. 
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