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Re: [IP] Re: Basal testing without skipping meals

Actually Kathy, you are almost right.  But the night time fasting you can 
actually break up into 3-4 nights and skip certain hours of checking.  And 
don't go to bed hungry.  When you skip dinner then have a late 
evening/bedtime minimeal.  As it says in the PI book you want to break up the 
day into about 4-5 hour time slots and go from there.  Skip breakfast then 
eat BRUNCH, next time eat a late breakfast, skip lunch have late dinner., 
then next you have a late lunch skip dinner have big BT snack, then try 
atleast once to skip the BT snack and go to bed and make sure you check a few 
times that night too.  I'm in the process of doing this with Josh this 
weekend because of starting Novolog....UUGGHH!!!  No sleep for the weary!

mom to Joshua
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