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[IP] RE: Novolog

Isn't it *amazing*? We've been using it for about as long as you
have and having wonderful results as well! For example, the past
few days Shannon's (11) numbers have been 56-178, 85-168, and
54-117, with the vast majority of the numbers staying between
85-115 (we've adjusted basals for those 50's as both lows
occurred at the same time of day!) Her bgs have been lower
overall and more even than they've ever been! Can't ask for
better than that!!!

We did need to change ratios because we were *way* overshooting
with the ones we were using for humalog. Since we changed,
they've worked beautifully and she's only had one low on each of
2 separate days (but those were due to too-high basals, as
mentioned). And only one high (which wasn't all that high) on
each of 2 separate days. We've noticed that the sites last better
too - the bgs don't go sky-high suddenly on the 2nd or 3rd day
like they did with humalog (but we're changing them on day 3
anyway.) We've also noticed that novolog works MUCH faster for
her than humalog - we're talking bringing down highs wihtin an
hour as opposed to 2-3hrs.

We really, really like the novolog! In a word, WOW! :)

Take care, Kerri and Shannon (11), dx 11/96, pumping 11/99

Sheri said:
I do not write in often, but I enjoy reading the posts. Just
wanted to let
everyone know that Caroline(7) has been using Novolog since last
Sunday and
her numbers could not be any better!!! and her sites are lasting
longer!! I
did not change any basals or bolus ratios.  She was using a
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