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[IP] Re: Feelings and Depression

<<Although being pumpers supposedly
allows eating everything, I still avoid sweets and high fats because of
vascular problems.  Do I feel left out?  You bet.  And again, CHEATED>>

I'm not the person with diabetes, my child is.  I "can" eat the sweets and
fats and it won't affect my blood sugar BUT is it healthy for me?  My family
has a very strong history of vascualr problems as well as diabetes.  I do
allow Cory to have some of his favorite foods, probably more of them than he
should have but am I really giving him what is best for him -- diabetes or
not?  Our society has acess to a lot of unhealthy snacks.  Perhaps in some
small way a person who has to carefully watch their diets due to one health
problem may offset other health problems by eating healthy.  This doesn't
help the emotional side much I know.  It is painful to watch others do what
you cannot do and my heart breaks for my child because he has this horrible
disease that affects so many areas of his life.  For all people who have
diabetes  -- I pray the cure will be here soon.
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