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RE: [IP] Animas - Good Customer Service

Brian,  as a Territory Manager for Animas,  I just wanted to to let you know 
how happy we are that you were taken care of properly.

===== Original Message from Brian Mozisek <email @ redacted> at 
10/05/01 9:57 pm
>I just wanted to write that I had a good experience with the Animas customer
>service.  On Wednesday, I was doing water survival training in preperation
>to go to an offshore platform.  I was sitting int he simulator that
>simulates a helicopter being turned upside down in the water and I heard a
>siren going off.  I thought to myself, that they are pretty thorough, they
>even have a siren.  I then realized that it was my pump siren.  As soon as I
>got dunked, I took my pump out of the water and noticed immediately that
>something was seriously wrong with it because the screen didn't show up when
>I pushed any buttons.  I then noticed water in the screen.  The first
>thought through my head was: Did it deliver any extra insulin?  Thankfully,
>it did not even through the pump was throughly drenched inside and out.  My
>second thought was how was I going to get a pump for the next day.
>Wednesday evening I was flying to New Orleans and then driving 2 hours south
>to a place called Venice, LA. Where I was to take additional safety training
>Thursday morning and fly out to the offshore platform thursday afternoon.  I
>called Animas and told them what happened. They overnighted a pump to the
>hotel I was staying in Wednesday, and I had the pump by noon on Thursday, in
>this small Louisiana town.  They did a great job responding to my needs, and
>were very helpful.
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Cindy Dow
Territory Manager
Animas Corporation
(425) 788-1334 - phone
(425) 788-1335 - fax
for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml