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[IP] Re: ins. bankrupt

 > BUT the Gulf War was a DECLARED
 > WAR!!!

Sorry, I didn't want to get into a battle of semantics, but this is the 
official U.S. Office of Personnel Management 
procedures  http://www.opm.gov/veterans/html/vgmedal2.htm

  In the absence of statutory definition for "war" and "campaign or 
OPM considers to be "wars" only those armed conflicts for which a declaration
of war was issued by Congress. The title 38, U.S.C., definition of
"period of war," which is used in determining benefits administered by
the Department of Veterans Affairs, includes the Vietnam Era and other
armed conflicts.

  Thus the last "war" for which active duty is qualifying for veterans'
  preference is World War II.  The inclusive dates for World War II
  service are December 7, 1941, through April 28, 1952.

Viet Nam, Korea, Desert Storm, etc. all may be available for many vets 
benefits because they are 'periods of war', but are not 'declared wars' 
which would be necessary for the insurance exclusion, imo.  I would also 
think that anything that happened before a 'declaration of war' would not 
be considered for the exclusion.  The insurance companies will try to limit 
their liabilities, but 'act of war' will not be an argument that they can 
use.  They may be able to use the 'act of terrorism' exclusion that was put 
in after the bombing of '93 for new tenants (I don't think they will be 
able to do so).

 > AND speaking
 > of The Gulf War, has anything from the Gulf War Syndrome been linked to
 > diabetes?

This does show a connection.  I didn't read enough to see if it was 
transferred to the children.  The connection looks to be with the anthrax 
vaccine, which many of our servicemen received.

In addition, on the origination of this thread, there was an article in 
todays Review Journal that reports of Tower Insurance going chapter 
11.  Our local authorities are extremely upset that Nevada wasn't kept 
informed of what was happening in California.  There are 6,200 members in 
Nevada and 120,000 in Cal.  It appears that none of our list mates in Cal 
were members of Tower, and I am the only one in Nevada.

Jack email @ redacted
Please watch for the missing, especially my son.
We are all of us in the gutter, but some of us are looking up at the stars.
   - Oscar Wilde
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