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[IP] Risk involved with Rapid drops and DKA

From: catherine popper <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Risk involved with Rapid drops and DKA

> In a non-diabetic, ketosis is not likely to turn
> into ketoacidosis because
> the insulin supply is there, and as soon as the
> person gets carbs, ketone
> production stops.

Does anyone know if ketosis in a non-diabetic is
horribly unhealthy? My uncle, who is a non-D, goes on
these weird fasting hippie diets and winds up with
ketones. I always wondered if he was doing permanent
damage to himself.

starvation produces ketones. no carbs = starvation ketosis, this is not
damaging. if insulin is available carbs will burn up the ketones. As Peters
and Van Slyke noted in their old Book: fats burn only in the flame of
carbohydrates. spot
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