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RE: [IP]OT (no subject)

>When you fix the fence get a German Shepherd Dog ( or a >doberman if you want

>less shedding )... he will keep both the kids and the kittens >off of your

>property. Also the postmen, neighbors, relatives, friends... 

Well, it took me quite a bit of looking around on the list to see WHAT this
was in response to, and now I can't find the subject line of that post! But,
I have a couple of comments.

1) The original post mentioned being short of money, so I think they can't afford
a dog right now.

2) As a dog owner and former breeder, I believe you should get a dog because
you love dogs, not because you ate your neighbors, kittens, postmen, relatives,
whatever...A dog is a responsibility for at least 10-15 years, not a tool.

3) to the original poster, IF YOU SAW the kids do the damage, then of course
you can press charges, but if you just THINK they are the ones that did it,
then of course you can't do anything.

4) original poster (I am sorry I can't find your post again to remcall your
name) It DOES sound as if you are terribly depressed and anxious in your new
situation. I think that is the main problem here. IF you have a therapist, a
counselor, a priest, a rabbi, a friend, support group, etc, I suggest you go
talk to them. You need some help to get past this tough time in your life. Your
problem is NOT the neighbors, the kittens, or the kids. Those are just conventient
things to allow you to vent your feelings. The things you describe wouldn't
bother you if you were content or happy, or even secure financially right now.
They are everyday annoyances. 

5) Aren't you glad you hae the IP list? :-)

K Black
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