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: [IP] docs

From: "Amy B. Anderson" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] docs

I have a question about doctors. I feel like my endo is really on top of
things. I started with one doc who wanted to get me testing bloods more
often to prepare for going on the pump the first time I met him (2 years
ago). Then once I accomplished that he moved me over to another endo on the
D team at my clinic who is a pump specialist. When I first got my pump, the
minimed tech/salesperson came over to my house to show me how to do set
changes and we started pumping saline right away. The 1 week later, I got
the insulin put in. I spent two full days at the clinic in a group with
other new pumpers. That group was the first time the pumpers did not have to
stay in-patient to get fitted with the pump. The pump dr went through all
the equations, ratios, and math, the dietician went through carb counting
(after we all had two other classes on it before even being approved to go
on the pump), I had to right down why I wanted a pump, what my expectations
were, a whole bunch of stuff. Now, I am glad I had all of this training and
prep work. From many people's posts, it seems like this may be an exception.
What were other people's experiences with starting on the pump as far as
training & education are concerned?
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My doc had me meet with a pump trainer, I pumped Saline for 24 hours then went
on insulin. I had been an exchange meal planner for about 40 years before
pumping so I could easily move between exchanges and carbs but you do need to
know how to carb count. I learned this by spending time with a cde who was a
gung-ho pump person. spot
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