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Re: [IP] figuring out basals

At the time, I
> was started on a very low basal of 0.3 u/hr.
> Pre-pump, I had been on a
> total of 12 units/day long-acting and total of ~ 9
> units humalog. 

> Am I being too impatient?  I felt so well that 1st
> day on pump with normal
> sugars!
My pre-pump MDI dosage was exactly the same as yours.
I started on a .5 basal and I generally keep a flat .6
throughout the day, sometimes deviating up to .8 on
vacation or pre-menstrual. I know it's easier said
than done, but let it roll for a little while before
you get too upset about your numbers. It takes a long
time. I've been on the pump about 6 months and I still
don' feel like I have it down yet. I find that it
takes a full 24 hours for a new basal rate to settle
in, even a difference of .1 unit. 
I'm also on the pill, and I have been since I was 17,
before dxed with diabetes, for prevention of those
beastly ovarian cysts that rupture. I guess if I do
have any side effects I'm used to them at this point.
Good luck, and as frustrating as it is to feel a
little out of control now, it will be worth it soon

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