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Re: [IP] your not going to believe this !!!

> Michael I would be totally pissed . (Although those aren't the words
> I would use.;-) I've always been afraid this would happen to me and
> I have a tendency to hoard medical supplies. Maybe she could use
> regular in her pump, if it's just for a while. I know it would take
> some getting used to but you don't need a prescription for it.

That's not really the point. Her endo at home would be more than 
happy to write any prescription she needs. Look at the situation. 
Here's a young (very young) woman, off on her own for the very first 
time at an institution of higher learning and she does not yet have a 
clue how the real world works. There is a Student Health Organization 
that is supposed to look after the interests of their young people 
and help guide them through the difficulties of using medical 
services on their own for the very first time. Some nit-wit doctor 
that can't think out of the box decides that because she is 
unfamiliar with a particular drug (in this case "insulin") that she 
can't write a prescription for a person with diabetes and instead 
would prefer to see them run out of insulin because she can not take 
the time to pick up the telephone and simply as a collegue. 

I'm sorry, I can stomach that! That borders on criminal neglect in my 
book and I will be taking any and all action necessary to see that 
this doc hears about her stupidity from her superiors. Personally I 
don't thing she's fit to practice medicine.

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