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re: [IP] figuring out basals

<<  I'm just wondering if people tend to be more aggressive with increasing 
the basal.
Am I being too impatient?  I felt so well that 1st day on pump with normal 
sugars! >>

Hi Sharon,

I, too, started out my first day with a lower basal rate than I ever had 
again. Maybe Lantus was working a little longer in my system than advertised; 
who knows?

I started out being a little *too* aggressive in changing my basal--rather 
than waiting for a second day to see if an afternoon rise, for example, was a 
pattern, I would immediately up my basal by .1.  Sometimes that was too much, 
because it was a one-time rise and then I'd be low the next day.  Now, I wait 
two days to see if the pattern repeats (but adjusting for my high bg with an 
extra bolus), THEN adjust upward by .1 unit at a time.

If you have a new MiniMed pump, they include a pad of charts that are 
extremely helpful in charting your trends.  The top half has a graph; bottom 
half has spaces for all the info you need to record like bg's, carbs, etc.  
The graphing has been INVALUABLE (to me, anyway) in spotting trends and 
adjusting accordingly.  I'm getting great results and feeling confident in 
changing things on my own.

BTW, your basals--when set appropriately--should keep your bg's level when 
not eating.  "Pumping Insulin" says that when you vary from your target range 
by 30 points (either up or down), you should consider upping or lowering your 
basal by .1 accordingly.

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