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[IP] Re: Weirdo skin pain

Hello, all -

I want to throw out a weird symptom I've had for years that has no obvious
explanation.  Maybe I can attribute it to diabetes.

At times, certain areas of my skin - especially on my legs, hips, and butt
- become EXTREMELY PAINFUL TO THE TOUCH.  I'm not talking about the muscles
or tissue underneath, I'm talking strictly about the skin.  It is so
painful and sensitive that even lightly brushing the surface of the
affected area with my fingers causes great discomfort.  Then, in a few
days, it's gone as mysteriously as it came.  Last night I had so much
discomfort in my left calf that I had to limp slightly when walking (that
has been rare).  Does anyone know what I'm talking about?  Incidentally,
this has nothing to do with the sites for infusion sets.

It becomes a problem because when I tell a certain individual not to touch
me in a certain area, the individual becomes indignant because I can't come
up with a reasonable explanation for the extreme discomfort.  Can anyone
shed any light on this?

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