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Re: [IP] non responding highs

Hi Susan,

Hang in there!!!  From one mom to another who has been there!!!

I am so sorry about the struggles that Cory's been having.   I looked at your
profile and saw that Cory is almost 12.  Not only are you dealing with
illness, but hormones too.  My daughter Erica has been pumping since March of
1999 and is now 13.  Many times have we made site changes too only to find
that they didn't make a difference, and that was WITHOUT ILLNESS being an
issue.  Her basals have risen from .4/hr avg to 1.6/hr avg in 2.5 years and
the need to make a basal change can happen seemingly overnight.  Everything
can be going so well then POOF we are constantly chasing highs.  Extra
bolusing, extra site changes, extra glucose tests, less sleep are the result.
She gets ornery, I get frustrated, and when we see that the pattern is not
changing we finally bounce up the basals with temporary basals and lo and
behold.  Control again and a basal rate change!!!!  Then I am loving that pump
again and realizing that without it, on injections, the battle would be
EVERYDAY, not just during hormone rages and illnesses. It isn't the pump's
fault, it is natures <g>

Erica spent 17 hours in the er portion of our local children's hospital on the
weekend.  After ruling out a bacterial infection, such as meningitis, they
concluded she had a virus.  With extra vigilance via pumping we were able to
keep her sugars under control, not optimum, but far better than they would
have been had she been on injections.  She had moderate ketones, which are
rare for her, vomiting, a fever over 39 degrees celcius, violent headaches,
eye pain.......etc. etc.  It was scary.  I had never seen her so ill.  The
positive note in that is the medical professionals were exceptionally
responsive, allowed us to monitor and control her insulin (with confirmation
with the doc), and we got to spend the night in our own private room - with
cable <VBG>  Her dad and I  had a cot or bed to sleep on too.  I just add that
because not all er visits are disasters.  If you are monitoring well, don't be
afraid to try those temporary basal rates.  An acquaintance of mine had her
son spend the day in the same er as Erica, one day earlier.  He is pumping
too.  The mom ended up increasing his basal by 1 unit an hour to keep things
under control.  Erica's requirements weren't as high and in fact her sugars
were within range most of the time with correction boluses.

Keep on pumping mom!!!  At least with pumping you can usually find a reason
for those erratic sugars.  They will happen from time to time.  When I look
back at Erica's old log books pre-pump, they were happening EVERY DAY and that
was from the age of 4 - 10.  SHUDDER.

Things will work out Susan but for now you and Cory need a hug.....
Barb, mom to Erica, A Canadian Butterfly
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