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[IP] figuring out basals

Background:  40 y.o. Type 1 diabetic diagnoses few months ago (thought
initially to be gestational) started on pump 4 days ago. From Ottawa, Ontario.

I started "live" on the pump 4 days ago.  The first 24 hours felt
wonderful, as reflected in the very good glucose readings. At the time, I
was started on a very low basal of 0.3 u/hr. Pre-pump, I had been on a
total of 12 units/day long-acting and total of ~ 9 units humalog. 

By day 2 on pump, my sugars had climbed.  My basal is now at 0.4 u/hr and I
expect to again go up on the basal dose, since my sugars are again rising
tonight (~ 200).

The "Insulin Pumping" book is on order (will take 3-4 weeks).  I'm just
wondering if people tend to be more aggressive with increasing the basal.
Am I being too impatient?  I felt so well that 1st day on pump with normal

Also, I started the birth control pill about 1 and a 1/2 weeks ago. I had
been on the BCP for years pre diabetes and pre our 2 children (now ages 6
months and 24 months).  Yesterday, I had a mild headache (very unsusual for
me)...and weird, subtle (transient) eye symptoms. I'm wondering if this is
the pill and if I should just pitch the pills out. 

Sharon Morrin

Sharon Morrin
47 Aleutian Road
Ottawa, ON  K2H 7C7
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