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Re: [IP] RE: ins. bankrupt

Not to argue with a fellow list member, BUT the Gulf War was a DECLARED 
WAR!!!  But you are right in that Vietnam was a conflict.  ;-)  Sorry hubby 
spent too long in the Gulf War, it is a bit of a sore spot.  AND speaking 
of The Gulf War, has anything from the Gulf War Syndrome been linked to 
diabetes?  Our four year old and only post-war baby has diabetes and now is 
fighting ITP a second auto immune disease.  My hubby and I were interested 
in finding out if there are any auto immune diseases linked to Gulf War 
syndrome?  Any body????

Mom to Rachel and Blossom (MM 508)
  At 11:15 AM 10/4/01 -0700, you wrote:
>   The
>last declared war was December 8, 1941., which means that Korea and Viet
>Nam were not wars.
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