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Re: [IP] your not going to believe this !!!

At 07:21 PM 10/4/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>Michael I would be totally pissed . (Although those aren't the words I
>would use.;-)
>I've always been afraid this would happen to me and I have a tendency to
>hoard medical supplies.
>Maybe she could use regular in her pump, if it's just for a while. I know
>it would take some getting used to but you don't need a prescription for

The ONLY justification I can see for not giving a competent, knowledgeable 
diabetic access to insulin when they ask for it is if the doctor does not 
believe they are diabetic for some reason. Anything else is either 
incompetence or maliciousness. An incontrol diabetic SHOULD NOT change 
their treatment plan because of either of these reasons!!! This guy 
(medical unit) needs to be slapped down hard.

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