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RE: [IP] brain damage from lows

 keep good records, insist on an
autopsy at death and ask that Somer's sector and the planum temporale be
studied for signs of brain damage.  spot

	LOL...Spot thx a lot!!!!  :(  I will be dead and won't be able to ask for
these things in an autopsy but perhaps I'll leave a note for my family to
have it done.

	I can tell you that my brother also had several lows and his brain is just
as shot!

	Just think, the brain needs sugar to function and when ours goes so low, it
is being starved and therefore, we probably do lose brain cells.....so I
strive not to have lows even though they keep happening, just to keep my
mind!....but it's going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Kathy B.
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