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re: [IP] night sweats

<< Certain illnesses can produce night sweats. Diabetes usually does not do 
that. take care sasha, spot. >>

Actually, night sweats are a typical symptom of hypoglycemia according to all 
the books.  When I was on MDI, I used to have night sweats frequently.  For 
me, they were caused by nighttime lows--and if I didn't wake up, I would 
frequently wake up in the a.m. with a bg of 250 and not know why.  

I know how hard it is to do, Sasha, but when you're having unexplained 
nighttime results, it's really important to wake yourself up more than once.  
Until I checked my bg every couple of hours during the night, I didn't have 
enough information to figure out what was going wrong.

good luck!
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