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[IP] your not going to believe this !!!

The saga of Lily continues......

I haven't bothered to fill you in on the wonderful details of trying 
to get Lily's test strips delivered from BS/BC + Express Scripts

They managed to deliver 100 short of the amount the doctor wrote for 
and all the usual stuff --- suffice it to say that about a dozen 
phone calls later I have a promise that the amounts are corrected and 
the missing 100 are on the way.... we'll see....

Now for the latest-- ya won't believe this !!!

Lily just called me after leaving her apointment with an internist at 
the Student Health Clinic at UC San Diego. Seems the doctor was more 
than happy to write her prescriptions for all her pump supplies (even 
batteries ??? ) but..... would NOT write a prescription for insulin. 
How dumb is that. The doc claimed that only an endo could do that. 
Well, the reason Lily was seeing this doc in the first place was that 
the earliest endo appointment she could get was at the end of 
November --- guess what she runs out of before that... right, 
INSULIN. How stupid can these people be. I can't believe a Dr. will 
not write a prescription for insulin for a diabetic. Claims she has 
never heard of Novolog -- which may be true, but it's not hard to 
find out -- heck, Lily can even give her the package insert. I had a 
long talk with the "Patient Services Manager" who was equally adamant 
that they "just couldn't write prescriptions willy nilly" ..... 
grrrrr....... give me a break.

I'll keep you posted.

Michael (steamed!!)
email @ redacted
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