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[IP] steroids and diabetes

From: email @ redacted
Subject: RE: [IP] steroids causing diabetes?

Whether steroids can cause diabetes or not seems to depend on who you ask.
Cory was on inhaled steroids (3 different inhalers) for about 3 years prior
to his diaganois of diabetes.  With hindsight I can see that he displayed
some diabetic symptons off and on for a long time prior to dx.  However, he
was not dx'd until 30 days AFTER he went off steroids!  By this time he had
definitely gone over the edge -- 20 lbs weight loss - DKA  - pretty sick
little guy.  At this time, his diabetic nurse practioner said if he was
predestined or had the genetic make up for diabetes, the steroids could cause
an earlier onset.  When my own lung specialist  learned of Cory's dx and our
very strong family history of diabetes he took me off steroids even though my
blood sugars were always in the normal range. Other doctors have assured me
that steroids will not cause diabetes. I know many people have diabetes who
have never used steroids. For those who need to use them I would just say
make sure it is a last resort and be sure to follow through with close
medical monitoring.
Susan (Grandmom of 12 year old Cory - most of the time he's "my precious
- ----------------------------------------------------------
steroids can cause diabetes to appear in people who are predisposed to it but
they don't cause IDDM. It is a wierd disease and is not at all common.
steroids can be life saving in some situations and you must balance the effect
against the complications. I have used huge doses of steroids in many patients
to save their lives. yes, some of them get transient diabetes which goes away
when he steroids are stopped. spot
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