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[IP] night sweats

    Does anyone else go through periods of having really strong night
sweats?  I cannot tell if the are lows or highs and they do not happen if I
decide to wake up and take a 3am sugar reading.  I usually wake up high
250's when I wake in the morning, but I am also cold and drenched in wet
sheets.  I am only 30 so I do not think it is perimenopause - ny endo does
not know what to say and I feel like I need to check into a hospital to
figure out what is going on - recently I read about a person on this list
who sweated when they ate. Is this a diabetes thing - or something else?

thanks any input is welcome... sasha ( nickname )

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Alexandra Hamilton Kelly
230 Riverside Drive  #12B
New York, N.Y.  10025

see your gp or internist. Certain illnesses can produce night sweats. Diabetes
usually does not do that. take care sadha, spot.
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