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[IP] Cory's problems

From: email @ redacted
Sent: Friday, September 28, 2001 7:24 PM
To: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] non responding highs

Oh what a battle we are engaged in.  Cory's been struggling with
allergies/cold since late August and we've had to slightly increase his
basal.  He's been averaging 120 - 140 which is OK but NOW - he has totally
lost all control.  He got new dental braces  a week ago and he got a HIB
vacination.  Within 3 days he was running high blood sugars.  He is checking
blood sugars every 2 hours and correcting the highs and ketones at that time,
yet all but 2 of his checks in the last 24 hours have been in the 300 - 425
range with moderate to high ketones.  He has a huge sore in his mouth and
lots of inflamation and a small yellow area.  His orthodonist looked at it
and dx'd it as a cold sore - said he may need meds but he would not prescribe
them. He suggested we continue to use the hydrogen peroxide rinse and pad the
area with wax or sugar free gum.  I called the endo and he said - see the ped
- --- called the ped and he said see the endo!   Arrrgh!  The ped did call in
an rx for Zovirax for the cold sore.  Who knows if this is a medication that
diabetics can take.
I'm tired, sleepy, frustrated and worried.  Cory is tired of checking b/s and
tired of all the pokes, tired of being woke up, tired of changing infusion
sets and running pump tests, tired of not feeling tired and drained, tired of
having a horribly sore mouth - even too sore to open it wide enough to yell
at me -- tired of drinking water and drinking more and more and more ---
we're just plain tired!
At times like this I feel like throwing the pump in the trash.  We've checked
it so many times and changed the infusion sets until we are tired of the
hassel.  Yet not once have we detected a pump problem. He's taken several
shots and they don't correct him too much either.  We tried a new vial of
insulin -- just in case the old one had gone bad earlier than the 30 days --
nope that didn't help either.
NOW WHAT?  How much can you safely increase insulin?  He's gone from a .7
basal to 1.1 and still running high --- I'm lost -- any suggestions?
I haven't been here in a long time - but I felt like the "experts" (experts
are those who live with this daily) here would be able to answer some of
these questions.
- ----------------------------------------------------------
Zovirax is safe for diabetics but you must drink lots of water when you take
it. Slowly increase the insulin by only a few tenths of a unit per 2-3 hours.
as long as Cory is not making ketones he'll be fine. The Zovirax will prevent
more cold sore infections and cure his but it takes weeks. Diabetes is
frustrating and hard to manage in ones own body let alone another person's. If
Cory makes Ketones, advance the insulin dose by a unit or two per hour and
keep track of bg's. Be sure he keeps drinking. Have him participate in his
care too, he'll learn something! its not the pump its the illness, pumps were
not desined to handle sick day management. his endo should be managing this.
the pump doesn't know he is sick and the body has no way to do things without
insulin spot
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