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[IP] GOOD NEWS!! I fought the insurance company, and I won!

Subject: Re: [IP] GOOD NEWS!! I fought the insurance company, and I won!

Congratulations!! Persistence pays off again!
Yeah, those **&*& insurance companies always want to "save" money by making
people with long term / chronic conditions pay more than they should have to
pay, not realizing that the more an insurance company covers preventative
and self-care items, the better chance a person has to take care of
him/herself, and in the long run $$$$$$ is saved.
We found the ol' be the squeaky wheel, keep that "800" or other telephone
number buzzing, write exact dates, times, and names of those with whom you
speak, as well as knowing what's written in your insurance booklet as to
coverage, and having a logic statement which ends with "...of course, by me
taking better care of myself, hospitalizations can be avoided, and we all
know how expensive a hospital stay can be even with capitation, don't we?"
It also never hurts to go up the chain of command, and to send a few
letters.  Insurance companies don't like things in writing because that can
be proof used against them, especially should they ask for a rate increase
and you've fired off copies of letters to your state insurance commission
'cause we all know how the ins. cos. try to say they spent so-o-o much money
giving us all great care, right?
Yep, we're veterans of many battles with insurance companies over the years,
and thus far the score is well in our favor.

Marj; Mike; and "Ace, the PP" (portable pancreas)


they don't care about capitation, that means they don't have to pay your
doctor who is looking after you. H'e'll try to get you out of the hospital
faster because he is responsible and not being paid. It works both ways, he
could fire you as a patient if there is too much of this. There is no free
ride. I told my previous carrier how much they saved by my being on a pump.
now I am on Medicare and they don't seem to care. Frankly, HMO care is lousy
everything is tied to cost, including your life and comfort.
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