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[IP] Autonomic symptoms high bs vs low bs

From: "jspock @shore.net" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Re: high bs vs. low bs

>i have had high blood sugar for most of my life -- well about 7 or 8
> >years. I am now under better control not perfect but..... when my >blood
>gets over 11 (198 i feel real high) and if it goes below 4.7 -
>(85) i feel real bad too.

I guess I should throw my $0.02 in too.  I never feel a low, so I can never
tell without checking (and I've had some *major* surprises, let me tell
you!).  As for highs, I generally don't feel them either, unless its caused
by something (like an illness) then I get that funny keytone taste in my
mouth.  Actually, I have had some pretty scary surprises on both ends of the

Is that going to change once I start pumping?

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Because of your Adrenal problems you may not get the warning signs of
hypoglycemia if you are just desensitized to them the sensitivity will return
after a while. Most of the low/high symptoms are secondary to autonomic nerve
functioning. Like most diabetes things there is not a lot of knowledge amassed
in this are especially if you have Addison's disease jenn.  The "blech"
feeling from ketones is not subject to this problem. spot
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