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RE: [IP] > Is there anyone else with my lopsided view of blood sugars

Barbara, My understanding is that once your body gets used to being "lower", 
you won't notice.  Your body acclimates to whatever your blood sugars 
normally are and that feels "normal" to it.  If you are used to running at 
300, 125 is going to feel like a low!  Similarly, if you run at 125 
generally, you will not feel good at 300 anymore.

===== Original Message from Andrew Bender <email @ redacted> at 
10/04/01 5:22 pm
>> In my 47 years of diabetes, I can honestly say that when I've felt the
>> rotten is when my bs is too low.  At 300 or 400, I feel just fine.  At 85,
>> however, I feel like sh**t.  Now, of course I know the "better" number is
>> 85, but please someone tell my body that.  Now, with the pump, the 300s
>> 400s are very few, if any, but I continue to despise low bs as much as
>> ever.  Given the choice between 85 and 170, I will choose 170, because I
>> will feel GREAT.  Are the high bs causing complications and shortening my
>> life? OF COURSE THEY ARE.  But there is the issue of quality of life.
>> I am low, I just want to lie down - not that I do, because I work
>> full-time.  When I am high I can carry on normally.
>> Is there anyone else with my lopsided view of blood sugars?
>> Barbara
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>Many of us have had similar feelings. once your glucostat gets reset with the
>pump, these feelings tend to be more normal: tired and non functional below 70
>or so, sleepy and sluggish above 200 80-120 full of pep. spot
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