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[IP] Lantus - not a true insulin

My 13 year old son, Cory, is using Lantus and Humalog injections while waiting
for his pump to be approved and provided.  The Lantus seems to work as
advertised; however, I have reservations about it's safety.  For one thing
it's only been available for public use for a short time (1 year in Europe,
few months in US), so we are really trial subjects.  The long-term effects of
its use are unknown.  Second, it is an analog, and does not have the same
molecular structure as natural insulin.  It is manufactured in a lab.  Natural
insulin has 51 amino acids in a specific order.  Lantus has had two amino acid
molecules added for a total of 53. Also, one of the original 51 amino acids
has been replaced by a different one.  So it really is not 'true' insulin.
Humalog also is an analog, but it still has the normal 51 amino acids.  It
merely reverses the order of two of the 51.  To me, it seems not as radical.
Anyway, I'll feel alot better when Cory no longer has to use the Lantus.

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